Hear are some of our frequently asked questions

What is a suitable batch quantity?
We do not have any restriction on batch size, we will machine any quantity to suit our customer’s requirements.
What is a typical lead time from receipt of purchase order?
Normally we quote 4-6 weeks from receipt of purchase order depending on our current work load. However we will always try to accommodate your requirements for those unexpected breakdowns, tell us what you need.
Can we deliver to your required schedule?
Marste Engineering has always achieved an excellent reputation for delivering components on time. We will not take on orders if we cannot meet your delivery deadline.
What materials do we have the greatest expertise in machining?
Our highly skilled engineers are machining a variety of materials every day, these include: Duplex, Stainless Steels, Titanium, Pure Nickel, Inconel, Aluminium, Aluminium Bronze and Solid Silver. We have also machined Gold plated labyrinth seals.
What quality approvals do we have?
We are approved to BS EN ISO9001:2015, so we are audited annually to ensure the quality system is working correctly.